Learn the Hebrew meaning of the word: RUACH HA'KODESH


Ruach ha'Kodesh is the beautiful Hebrew title of the Spirit of Yahweh. The title of the Spirit of Yahweh has gone through several changes throughout the course of history -- all in an attempt to hide the very nature of this entity. The original title "Ruach ha'Kodesh" is Hebrew and feminine in form. This later was translated to the Greek "Pneuma" which has no gender. And finally it was translated to the Latin "Sanctus Spiritus" which is masculine in form. We need to go back to the original to discover what the Spirit of Yahweh is all about.

Rebekah why she thinks it is important for Melchizedek priests to use the original Hebrew title of Yahweh's Spirit. For one, it is to call on the right spirit. Demons are spirits and if you are not specific about which Spirit you want to show up in your life you may get the wrong one. We must remember that we live in a world at war and there are counterfeit spirits who want to steal, kill and destroy you. The Ruach ha'Kodesh wants to breathe into you and out of you to give you life and do YHVH's work through you.

May Yahweh give you eyes to see and ears to hear.

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Ruach Ha Kodesh
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