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Wisdom the Holy Spirit (Part 2)

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The full God head which some refer to as the "trinity" is composed of the Heavenly Father; the Son Jesus Christ; and the Holy Mother Spirit. Man, Woman, and Child is the standard design of life! It makes total sense, and this is what the churches/synagogues have hidden from you in order to control you and the masses by distorting the truth. Praise God, his Son, and his Holy Spirit for this revelation that helps complete your understanding. Just think of the holy spirit as being the divine mother, it opens ones perspective to the origins of a family unit on this planet, but we been so conditioned and taught to believe otherwise that it sounds heretic. Sophia is the appropriate female divinity, not Mary. Mary was just a human soul and vessel representing that divine deity here on Earth. Sophia is not a physical mother, any more than God is a physical father, the 'Mary' thing is just fertility worship insinuating "humans can be gods" which is bull dung.

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