Proclaiming Wisdom - KJV Pastors Preachers and Teachers on the Feminine Holy Spirit


This video compilation represents a small assortment of myriad varying pastors ministers preachers and teachers who like myself have all come to discernment that the Holy Spirit described in Proverbs as wisdom, derived from the Greek word Sophia is the feminine aspect of the Godhead spoken about in Genesis 1:26-28. It is clear within this passage that Elohim (The Holy Trinity) is describing the creation of humanity in Their image, male and female He (the Father Yahweh Elohim) created them. And even though critics of this teaching attempt to associate it with the Kabbalah, Talmudic or gnostic texts or teachings, understanding the Holy Spirit as feminine is scriptural. It is unnecessary to go outside of the King James canonical manuscripts to come to such realization. Yes this knowledge has been counterfeited corrupted and usurped by Satan and the forces of darkness. However that in no way diminishes the relevancy of this understanding as sound biblical doctrine. Those of you that may be new to this topic of study, please review this video with an open mind as it is only by embracing new possibility that one can learn something previously unknown.

He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him. - Proverbs 18: 13

Please note that I could have went on and on in length with more and more speakers but wanted to limit this viewing to a two hour duration. I may at some point later bring forth other speakers and other teachings in association to this revelation as time allows

Jack Levison: The Holy Spirit is Not a He
Deidre Havrelock

Romans from a Torah Covenant Perspective - "All about the Ruach/Spirit"
Torah to the Tribes

The Holy Spirit is a Feminine Spirit {Part 1-3}
Judah's Back

The Holy Spirit is female and the Real Name of The Most High
Elder Tawab Shalamya Israel

The Hidden Link׃ The Feminine Holy Spirit
judith mckinley

Holy Spirit: Female - Mother? - Further Interesting Proofs

The Holy Spirit Wisdom Sophia - The Feminine Aspect of the Godhead as Confirmed by Proverbs I of III
Zen Garcia

Sophia Wisdom - The Spirit of the Holy Mother II of III

KJV Only The Holy Spirit Wisdom: The Hebrew Chokma and Greek Sophia - III of III

Holy Spirit Is Wisdom
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